LED & Lighting Assessment

Save BIG with SMC's LED Lighting Assessment

Looking to reduce your operating expenses?

On average office buildings, warehouse facilities, commercial or manufacturing facilities save more than 4% in utility costs alone by switching to an LED alternative. Our lighting experts are ready to help. Let our team of experienced lighting specialists assess your organization and provide you with a custom solution that is right for you.

  • Cost Savings - Save on operation costs and maximize your organization's ROI
  • Less Maintenance - Save on maintenance and replacement costs. LED lights are built to last
  • LEED Certified - LED lighting is an approved lighting solution for LEED-certified buildings
  • Manage Glare - Maximize light dispersion and cut down on glare. Making your operation safer
  • Operational Safety - LED lighting works in HOT or COLD temperatures and emits up to 308% LESS heat