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SMC is a trusted partner to our customers providing industry-leading products and services for your business.  As a trusted partner, SMC understands the importance of continuing education and offers modern Training facilities and knowledgeable industry professionals to provide certified training events to meet your company’s needs.

SMC offers a variety of training events including Factory Automation, Safety, Networking, and Electrical.  Keep your employees up to date with the latest industry information and practices that impact your business objectives.

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Rockwell Webinar - Training

Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (Webinar)

To tackle the critical skills shortage in the rapidly-evolving manufacturing sector, Rockwell Automation and Manpower Group developed the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing – a joint initiative to provide U.S. military veterans with the skills to succeed in advanced manufacturing roles. Join us to learn how our comprehensive curriculum blends both automation and manufacturing technology with professional skills development to help ease the candidates’ transition to a civilian work environment and facilitate success in advanced manufacturing. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Maximize Your Productivity by Keeping Your Products Current from a Single Location (Webinar)

Find what you’re looking for! Join us to hear about the new Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC) features, with a focus on subscriptions and notifications, product lifecycle status, and more. You will learn how to find product downloads (firmware, software, drivers, and other files) and determine product compatibility. Also, see a demo on how to effectively use the tool to optimize your product selection and configuration. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Network Safety with Kinetix and PowerFlex Drives (Webinar)

Discover the advantage of adding safety over EtherNet/IP for your motion control applications. Join us to see how safety over EtherNet/IP for Kinetix® and PowerFlex® drives applies Safe Torque-Off and advanced safety functions to your application to meet required safety ratings. We will demonstrate the ability to integrate the safety functions and how it provides the opportunity to minimize equipment redundancies and improve productivity. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Smart Sensors for Smarter Machines (Webinar)

Smart sensors help you merge disparate data into streams of actionable information and allow assets to be monitored and optimized from anywhere in real-time. In this webinar, we continue our series of smart devices with an introduction to smart sensors and how you can build the foundation of a smart machine that delivers the raw data for a Connected Enterprise. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Improve Pipeline Optimization through Predictive Maintenance (Webinar)

Hydrocarbon pipeline operators face their highest levels of public and regulatory pressure to date. At the same time, being expected to improve efficiencies, manage worker safety, and deliver higher returns for shareholders. Smart technologies, including Industrial IoT devices, cloud computing and intelligent software, hold tremendous promise to help operators manage these demands. We’ll explore how artificial intelligence can help you shift to a predictive maintenance strategy: allowing you to detect (and address) potential failure events before they even occur. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Maintaining Your Equipment (Webinar)

Your equipment has been purchased, installed and is in operation. Do you have a plan to maintain it? Do you have the spare parts to address regular maintenance or the parts to address unexpected repairs? Do your employees have the skills to troubleshoot and quickly get you back into production? Join our webinar to learn how a thoughtful parts management plan and all the other considerations can help reduce your downtime, improve asset reliability, and lower operational costs Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

What Are You Missing If You're Not Using PowerFlex Drives? (Webinar)

Think about talking on your smartphone while also looking at a map—wouldn’t you like to be able to easily see all the information on your drive while configuring just as easily? Join this webinar to learn how the combination of PowerFlex drives and the Logix control platform provide the exclusive Premier Integration experience consolidating controller programming, device configuration, and machine operation and maintenance into a single, user-friendly environment. Take advantage of a complete platform that can help provide productivity gains from initial design and configuration and continue throughout operation of your machine. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Give Yourself A Competitive Advantage With Logix Controllers & PowerFlex Drives (Webinar)

Are you looking for a way to stand above the rest? Join this webinar to find out how the combination of Studio 5000 Logix Designer®, Logix controllers and PowerFlex® drives can reduce your time to design, develop, and deliver solutions to your customers. Machines that offer more to your customers can give you the competitive advantage and the combination of these technologies can open the window of information for greater visibility and control into device operation helping your customer improve their overall efficiencies. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Digital Oilfield Production Intelligence (Webinar)

A major opportunity exists to make the most of your production operations by creating an intelligent automation ecosystem - one where data collection is automated and stakeholders always have actionable information at their fingertips. This is the ConnectedProduction offering from Rockwell Automation. In this webinar, we'll look at three ConnectedProduction use cases and examine the benefits of enabling a digital oilfield. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Smart Safety for Smarter Machines (Webinar)

Smart safety devices help protect your people, machines, and processes while providing the raw data for The Connected Enterprise. This third webinar in the series of Smart Devices will dive into how smart safety devices help you merge plant floor safety data into streams of actionable information that allow assets to be monitored and optimized from anywhere in real-time. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Discover The Power Of Combining Logix Controllers & PowerFlex Drives (Webinar)

Do you know about the benefits of adding PowerFlex® drives to your Logix control system? Join this webinar to learn how the combination of PowerFlex drives with Logix controllers can optimize your application configuration, operation and maintenance. Upon completion of this webinar, you will understand the benefits and time savings of integrating PowerFlex drives into your Logix control system with Studio 5000 Logix Designer®. You will also realize cost and time savings by reducing downtime with access to real time operating conditions and automatic device replacement Learn More
Stratus Webinar - Training

IT/OT Refresher - Specifying Industrial Computers For Projects (Webinar)

SMC has teamed up with Stratus Technologies and the CSIA to bring you an educational webinar featuring IT/OT Refresher: Specifying Industrial Computers for Projects. In this webinar, you will learn how to navigate IT and OT alignment on industrial computers, lower maintenance and reduce risk. Discover what options are available to satisfy IT, while delivering platforms simple to use and maintain by OT, both in the control room and at the edge, where support can be a major challenge. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

A Faster, Easier Way To Select and Design Your Motion Control System (Webinar)

Building a motion control system can be difficult and time consuming, but Rockwell's Motion Analyzer software can help. Rockwell will show you how you can determine a system’s specifications, evaluate multiple products to find the best fit, finalize the design, and create a bill of material - all in one tool. Rockwell can help reduce motion system design time from a multi-day process to just a few hours. You can receive one Professional Development Hour (PDH) by attending this webinar. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Optimizing Your Medium Voltage Drive Solution: Matching VFD to Application Requirements (Webinar)

Matching a drive’s capability to the application requirements will help to eliminate application risk and help to optimize the commercial and technical measures of success for the project. Understanding how to align product to application requirements will help you deliver trouble-free projects for your customers. You can receive one Professional Development Hour (PDH) by attending this webinar. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

ThinManager - Security And Best Practices For Thin Client Deployments (Webinar)

ThinManager allows for centralized management of end user devices while giving administrators full control over how applications are delivered to end users. Manage PCs, thin clients, mobile devices and create a unique user experience based on a person's role and/or their location on the plant floor. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Minimize Your Facility Downtime - Understand Of The Impact Of Power Quality (Webinar)

Did you know the average chemical facility experiences 20 - 30 power quality events per year? Often overlooked, irregularities in a chemical facility's power infrastructure are often a source of unplanned downtime, potentially causing off-spec product and increasing re-work. Poor power quality can also have a negative impact on both the performance and life expectancy of critical electronic components used in production Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Smart Motor Control For Smarter Machines (Webinar)

The fourth webinar in the series on Smart Devices discusses how you can improve productivity and help avoid motor failures with an integrated, data-driven approach. Efficient motors drive performance and the impact of motor failure can be significant. When you have access to production and machine data you can make informed decisions that improve production and mitigate downtime. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Process Safety - Considerations For Complete Lifecycle SIS Management (Webinar)

Poor design and implementation of a SIS can have a large financial impact on operations. For large facilities or across your enterprise, poor design can cost you millions in lost production and asset utilization. When designing and implementing a SIS, the full life-cycle should be considered including proper maintenance, compliance and testing over the 20+ year life of the system. Having Functional Safety SMEs in the design process as well as the management of assets is critical to ensuring the full life-cycle design impacts are understood for a robust design which will meet your desired business outcomes. In this webinar you will learn from SMEs how to optimize your SIS designs and life-cycle management. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Chemical Producer's Guide To DCS Migrations - Part 1: Justification & Scope Development (Webinar)

This two-part webinar will explore best-in-class approaches to DCS migrations in the chemical industry. Part 1, will focus on how to begin a successful DCS migration by addressing justification and defining scope to gain insights into cost, schedule, and impact on operations. Discussing the best ways to justify a project, defining business outcomes and properly scoping a migration project. Learn More
Rockwell Webinar - Training

Chemical Producer's Guide To DCS Migrations - Part 2: Implementation (Webinar)

This two-part webinar will explore best-in-class approaches to DCS migrations in the chemical industry. Part 2, will discuss areas of high-risk around cost, scope-creep and schedule overruns and how to mitigate risks during execution. Join us to learn the best-in-class techniques to document requirements, reduce downtime cut overs and management of multiple systems and approaches for personal training. Learn More