Electrical Wiring Devices

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SMC offers a variety of Electrical Wiring Devices to meet and exceed your organization’s needs.  We have vast amounts of Electrical Wall Plate Accessories, Electrical Wall Plates, Explosion-Proof Pin and Sleeve Plugs, Explosion-Proof Straight Blade Plugs, Extension Cords & Outlet Strips, GFCI Devices, Locking Back Boxes, Locking Connectors, Locking Device Accessories, Locking Flanged Inlets & Outlets, Locking Plugs, Locking Receptacles, Pin & Sleeve Adapter Plates, Pin & Sleeve Angle Adapters, Pin & Sleeve Angle Adapters, Pin & Sleeve Back Boxes, Pin & Sleeve Cable Bushings & Clamps, Pin & Sleeve Caps, Pin & Sleeve Conduit Adapters, Pin & Sleeve Connectors, Pin & Sleeve Device Accessories, Pin & Sleeve Device Handles, Pin & Sleeve Device Interiors, Pin & Sleeve Inlets, Pin & Sleeve mechanical Interlock Device, Pin & Sleeve Plugs, Pin & Sleeve Receptacles, Pin & Sleeve Receptacles with Discounts, Power Interrupting Locking Connectors, Power Interrupting Locking Plugs, Straight Blade Adapter Plates, Straight Blade Back Boxes, Straight Blade Connectors, Straight Blade Devices Accessories, Straight Blade Flanged Inlets & Outlets, Straight Blade Plugs, Straight Blade Receptacles, Straight Blade Surge Suppressions, Switch Accessories, Switches, Wiring Combination Devices, and Wiring Connectors available and ready to ship.