SMC® VP342-5YO1-02FA VP300 3-Port Body Ported Poppet Single Solenoid Valve, 1/4 in Port, 0.2 to 0.7 MPa Pressure, 0.8/0.9 Cv Flow Rate, 3 Ways, 2 Positions

SMC® VP300/500/700 series solenoid valve, offers high flow capacity and reduced power consumption (1.55 W standard, 0.55 W with power saving circuit). The series may be used as either a selector valve or a divider valve. It is vacuum applicable up to 101.2 kPa. Series VP3145/3165/3185 is a large size, 3 port solenoid valve with a rubber seal. It is possible to use the series in vacuum applications or under low pressure. Both series are available in a normally closed or normally open styles.


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