SMC® MGQM50TN-50 Heavy Duty Compact Guided Cylinder, 50 mm Cylinder Bore, 50 mm Stroke Length, 1374 N Push, 1154 N Pull Maximum Force, Double Acting Cylinder Action, Direct Mounting

The solution for a linear-actuator subject to high loads. Ideal for material handling applications. Two basic models include a self-lubricating slide bushing and a linear ball bearing style. The 100 mm slide bushing model can stop a load of 3000 lb. traveling at 55 ft/min, or smoothly lift a centered load of 1000 lb. With a 40% safety factor. The overall package is very compact and pre-tapped mounting holes ensure easy attachment of fixtures. Mounts on side or bottom. The MGQ offers bore sizes from 12 to 100 mm and is switch capable.


Product Overview