PREMISE WIRING iSTATION™ SFRCYFF Standard AV RCA Connector, RCA Gold Pass-Through F/F Coupler Connector, Mini-Coaxial RG6/RG59 Cable

Hubbell's RCA gold pass-thru connectors deliver high quality AV signals to work areas and/or transmitting/receiving devices. Requiring no soldering, these RCA connectors install with a snap and provide a quick easy "push-on" termination. These RCA connectors are available with seven standard insulator colors housed in seven Hubbell colors, accommodating all common AV applications. RCA-Connectors mount into all iSTATION™ faceplates, surface mount boxes, modules, frames, Hubbell delivery system products including poke-through and surface raceway and iSTATION™ UDX multimedia panels. Create a customized multimedia work station by adding a RCA gold pass-thru connector along with Hubbell's extensive line of AV connectors, loaded modules and XCELERATOR™ jacks.


Product Overview