Brand:Ferraz Shawmut

Ferraz Shawmut OT15 Fast Acting One-Time Fuse, 15 A, 250 VAC/VDC, 50/20 kA, K5 K5, Cylindrical Body

One-Time OT and OTN general purpose fuses provide low cost protection for feeder and branch-circuits serving lighting, heating, and other non-motor loads. OT and OTN fuses will safely interrupt available short-circuit currents up to 50,000 A in all ratings. OT and OTN fuses are not rejection fuses and care should be taken to ensure that replacement fuses do not have lower interrupting ratings than original fuses. OTN(15-60) satisfy the Canadian electrical code requirement for Type P low melting-point, non-time delay fuses.


Product Overview