Allen-Bradley MPAR-B1100E-V2A Electric Cylinder, For Use With Kinetix® 5500, 5700, 6200, 6500, 6000, 300, 350, 2000 and Ultra™ 3000 Servo Drives

With Kinetix® VP and MP Series electric cylinders, your applications experience flexible servo control, ideal for solutions requiring forces to be built up quickly and positions that need to be approached accurately. Available in three ISO 15552 pneumatic class frame sizes (32, 40 and 63), these durable, quiet and energy efficient non-rotating stainless steel piston rod actuators are an excellent upgrade for pneumatic systems. With the ability to synchronize and coordinate with multi-axis machine motions, the Kinetix® VP and MP Series cylinders provide a dynamic, precise response for a wide range of linear motion applications. When seamlessly integrated into the Rockwell automation integrated Architecture™, Kinetix® VP and MP Series electric cylinders use the Studio® 5000 Logix Designer® application to extend and retract with precise positioning, velocity or force. In force mode, an electric cylinder continues to push the load in a manner similar to an air cylinder, but with the convenience of a limit established by using state of the art software.


Product Overview