Allen-Bradley ABT-TD20941 6000 Kinetix® Servo Drive Workstation, 120 VAC

The Kinetix® 6000 servo drive workstation is a two axis SERCOS servo system designed to work with existing ControlLogix® with Motion workstations. The unit includes an external encoder that demonstrates electronic gearing and master/slave control. It also includes a PHOTOSWITCH® for each of the MP series motors to be used for registration or homing inputs. Whether you are developing training courses to get employees up-to-speed, testing new projects prior to actual deployment or looking to refresh programming and maintenance skills, this drive workstation will help you get the most from your investments. This workstation is intended for customers who want to practice those job tasks that are not frequently performed on the plant floor. The workstation is designed to be used as an aid for strengthening and maintaining skill sets.


Product Overview