Allen-Bradley 700-HLF1U24X 1-Phase General Purpose Terminal Block Electromechanical/Solid State Relay With Gold Plated Contact, 0.1 to 3 s/3 to 60 s/1 to 20 min/0.3 to 6 hr Time Setting, 1CO SPDT Contact Form, 1 Pole

The Allen-Bradley® bulletin 700-HLF terminal block timing relay from Rockwell automation has all the advantages of the popular bulletin 700-HL relay family and includes timing functionality. This space saving timer provides four different timing functions and a timing range of 0.1 s to 6 hr via four time ranges. In addition, this terminal block timing relay also provides control voltage that can be 24 VAC/VDC which makes it ideal for use in a variety of timing applications. The time function and time range can be easily set via a DIP switch on the side of the unit. Time adjustments can be made via potentiometer to meet the requirements for the specific application. The built-in LED (red) provides status monitoring and the unit is compatible with bulletin 1492 markers for easy identification. For low energy applications, optional gold contacts are also available.


Product Overview