Allen-Bradley 140G-J-TLC1A3 Terminal Lug, 250 to 350 kcmil, For Use With 250 A 3-Pole Frame J Molded Case Circuit Breakers

You can use mechanical terminal lugs to terminate line and load wiring to the MCCB. The 140G product line includes, as standard, the capability to terminate wiring using customer furnished "crimp-on" ring lug (ring tongue) or forked lug termination. For customers who prefer terminating wiring to mechanical terminal lugs, the 140G line offers a variety of mechanical terminals lugs to match the frame and application wiring. Multiple tap terminal lugs are available for those customers terminating multiple wires to a MCCB pole, either to line or load connection. Use of a multi-tap connection can save on panel space, making wiring easier due to using (multiple) smaller diameter wire. For applications following the UL guidelines for panel short circuit current rating (SCCR), the use of multiple wire termination on the load size permits the termination to be rated at the SCCR level of the circuit breaker, which may allow a higher SCCR than may be available using a separate power distribution block.


Product Overview