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    SKU: AB1321RWR100DP

    Allen-Bradley 1321-RWR100-DP Reflective Wave Reduction Device, Specifications: 400/480 VAC, 100 A, Panel Mount, IP00/Open Enclosure

    The inverter section of a drive does not produce sinusoidal voltage, but rather a series of voltage pulses created from the DC bus. These pulses travel down the motor cables to the motor and then reflected back to the drive. The reflection is dependent on the rise time of the drive output voltage, cable characteristics, cable length and motor impedance. If the voltage reflection is combined with another subsequent pulse, peak voltages can be at a destructive level. An IGBT drive output may have reflected wave transient voltage stresses of up to twice (2 pu or per unit) the DC bus voltage between its own output wires. Multiple drive output wires in a single conduit or wire tray further increase output wire voltage stress between multi-drive output wires that are touching.


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