SKU: AFLS015915

AFL® FP-60 FP Series Single Splice Protection Sleeve, 900 um Dia Fiber Coating, PEVA

AFL offers a wide selection of fiber protection sleeves to meet any application. The FP-03 series is the industry standard for durable and lasting protection of single fiber splices in field installations, while the FP-04(T)/05 provide these same performance levels for 8/12 fiber ribbon respectively. The FPS01 and FPS04 series are specially designed for optical components, where small packaging is a priority. These micro sleeves provide the known reliability of Fujikura sleeves in the smallest possible lengths. This easy and cost-effective method is a great alternative to recoating. The FPS01 and FPS04 series offer a wide range of options to accommodate various coating sizes and are manufactured in a variety of lengths. This gives great flexibility in designing optical modules.


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