SKU: AFLFM003626

AFL® XFM® FM003626 5RU Shelf Patch Panel

The Xpress Fiber Management (XFM®) 5RU Shelf is a rack-mountable interconnect panel specifically designed to manage fibers in Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) applications or in situations where fiber entry will occur only at the front entrance of the panel. Based on the LGX® intermateability platform, the panel is fully compatible with AFL's WDM, XFM® Optical Cassette and Poli-MOD® solutions. Routing rings on the bottom of the front panel allow cable assemblies to exit comfortably, while the back of the panel is left open to reduce size and weight. The XFM® Shelf can be conveniently mounted at three depths within the rack which includes a flush-mount option. The XFM® Shelf also features a clear, removable front door and a pull-out cable designator card.


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