AFL® XFM® FM000692-B Optical Cassette, LC End A, MPO Male End B, 24 OM4 50 um Laser Optimized Multi-Mode Fiber

AFL® Xpress Fiber Management® (XFM®) optical cassette product line is a family of preterminated fanout modules that streamline the deployment of optical network infrastructure. The primary function of these products is to breakout multi-fiber ribbon connectors to simplex or duplex style connectors for connection to adjacent network elements. These cassettes are available in the industry standard LGX® footprint as well as select corning cable systems footprints to support embedded base installations. All modules feature a durable powder coat finish and are compatible with all Xpress fiber management patch panel platforms. All modules are clearly labeled with a silk-screened "A" and "B" positioning reference to ensure proper polarity is maintained in the network as required by the polarity control method being deployed.


Product Overview