3M™ 054007-43100 RJS Insulated Rejacketing Sleeve, For Use With Cold Shrink QT II and QT III, Silicone Rubber Terminations, Silicone Rubber, Dark Gray

3M™ rejacketing sleeve provides reliable safety and protection to the phase legs of 3/C shielded, medium voltage power cables from termination operating environments. Incorporated with a silicone rubber insulator and polyester braid, this sleeve is-resistant to UV rays, ozone, corrosion and moisture. It is designed for use with 3M™ Cold Shrink QT II and QT III, silicone rubber terminations. 3M™ Rejacketing Sleeve works in combination with cold shrink breakout boots and silicone rubber terminations. It is ideal for tape shield, wire shield, armored and non armored power cables. The rejacketing sleeves are designed to protect the phase legs from exposure to: moisture, corrosion, ozone, ultra violet radiation and other hazards associated with termination operating environments. Easy to adjust length, the sleeve conforms to varied equipment connections and mounting requirements.


Product Overview