SKU: MMMHDCW35/10250

3M™ 001895-59044 HDCW Splice Heat Shrink Wrap Sleeve, 9.8 in L, Polyolefin

3M™ Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Repair Wrap Sleeves HDCW are designed to quickly repair damaged cable jacketing. They may also be used to rejacket in-line splices. HDCW wrap sleeves can be used as insulation material on cable and splices up to 1000 volts and as jacket repair material on cable up to 35 kV. The design of the wrap sleeve allows it to be installed in tight spaces with ordinary heating equipment such as a torch. HDCW wrap sleeves are made from modified cross-linked polyolefin, with a hot melt adhesive liner on the inner side of the sleeve. Upon heating, the sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts, creating a water-tight bond between the sleeve and the cable. 3M Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Repair Wrap Sleeves HDCW meet ANSI C119.1 requirements. A corrosion proof metal channel is used to close the sleeve during installation.


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