SKU: MMM7622S23G

3M™ Quick-Term III™ 054007-43681 Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Termination Kit With High-K Stress Relief, For Use With Tape Shield, Wire Shield and UniShield® Power Cables, Silicone Rubber

3M™ Cold Shrink QT-III silicone rubber 3-conductor cable termination kit 7600-3G series are designed to accommodate medium voltage 3-conductor shielded power cables. They are designed for cables with ground wires for either indoor or outdoor applications. Each termination kit is supplied with all the materials required for terminating one 3-conductor cable. All main termination components are produced from color-matched dark gray silicone rubber. An open-ended molded rubber sealing assembly that is factory expanded and mounted on removable inner supporting plastic cores. Breakout boots are supplied for field installation in a pre-stretched condition. The supporting cores are removed after the boot has been positioned for installation around the breakout area of a 3-conductor cable. Core removal allows the silicone rubber boot to shrink down to a predetermined diameter, creating an environmental enclosure for individual cable phase legs and the overall cable jacket. A tubular silicone rubber insulating sleeve that incorporates an inner-expandable polyester braid designed to reduce sliding friction and deliver the silicone tubing onto the cable phase metallic shielding. Rejacketing sleeves are designed to protect the shielded cable phase legs from exposure to moisture, corrosion, ozone, ultraviolet radiation, physical contact and other hazards associated with termination operating environments. A 1-piece Cold Shrink assembly that consists of skirted or tubular insulator, high dielectric constant (High-K) stress control mastic and a built-in environmental top sealing compound. The complete assembly is pre-stretched and loaded onto a removable plastic core. Core removal allows the termination assembly to shrink down and seal onto prepared cable phase insulation and lug barrel surfaces.


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