3M™ Quick-Term II™ 054007-12258 Cold Shrink Termination Kit With High-K Stress Relief, For Use With Tape Shield, Wire Shield and UniShield® Power Cables, Silicone Rubber

3M™ 5630K and 5690K series Quick-Term II™ silicone rubber termination kits are 1-piece cold shrink terminations for tape shield, wire shield and UniShield® power cables. They meet the requirements or IEEE standard 48-1990, for class 1 terminations. ln addition they meet German standard VDE 0278 parts 5 and 100, British standard BS C-89, Spanish standard UNE-zt-115-75 and Brazilian standard A-B-N-T-9314. Similar terminations using Quick-Term II technology meet French EdF standards HN 33-E-01 and HN 41-E-01. The 3M™ Quick-Term II consists of a high dielectric constant (High K) stress control tube insulated with a molded silicone skirted insulator. There is a 4-skirt design rated 15 kV, a 6-skirt design rated 25/28 kV and an 8-skirt design rated 34.5 kV. Each insulator design incorporates an extended base feature which when combined with mastic ensures a seal at the cable jacket end where the termination ground strap is brought out. Quick-Term II terminations are provided in an expanded state, mounted on a removable inner supporting plastic core. As supplied in this pre-stretched condition the terminations ready for field installation. During Installation the core is unwound allowing termination to shrink and form a tight seal, collectively, these termination kits cover cables with primary insulation OD from 0.33 to 1.95 in and with cable jacket OD from 0.55 to 2.4 in. These kits can be used to terminate tape shield, wire shield and UniShield® power cables from 8 AWG 5 kV to 1500 kcmil 34.5 kV.


Product Overview