3M™ Quick-Term II™ 054007-12254 Cold Shrink Termination Kit With High-K Stress Relief, For Use With Tape Shield, Wire Shield and UniShield® Power Cables, Silicone Rubber

3M™ Cold Shrink QT-II silicone rubber termination kits 5620K series contain 1-piece, non-skirted, silicone rubber terminations, qualified as IEEE class I for weather protected applications. Termination assemblies consist of a high dielectric constant (High-K) stress control tube insulated with a non-tracking silicone rubber insulator, prestretched and loaded together onto a removable core. The kits are designed for terminating solid dielectric shielded power cable rated 5 through 15 kV, with ribbon shield, wire shield and UniShield® constructions.


Product Overview