872 Proximity Sensor Migration Solutions

NL2211-ABMigrationSOlutionsThe 872C WorldProx™ Tubular Inductive Proximity Sensors are easy to use, reliable, and flexible. These general purpose sensors come in a wide range of sizes, output configurations, and connection options.

As of 12/31/2022, the 872C-D(H)3* and 872C-N(H)20* will be discontinued and no longer available for sale.

In an effort to offer contemporary sensing solutions and improved design features, migrating to the 872C-M(H)4* and 872C-N(H)25* is recommended respectively. Each is a functional replacement with all the same operating voltage, output/ polarity, barrel diameter, shielding, and connection options as the 872C-D(H)3* and 872C-N(H)20*. 

By migrating from your legacy 872C-D(H)3* and 872C-N(H)20* 3- and 4- wire DC series E WorldProx sensors, you can enjoy all the previous functionality of your WorldProx inductive proximity sensors with the added benefits of a more durable, corrosion resistant housing, improved temperature range, greater sensing range and switching frequency, and improved LED visibility on cable models.

The rest of the standard and extended range 3 and 4-wire DC 872C, M12, M18, and M30 models will have the same improvements - aside from sensing range increases - but will have a direct, same catalog number, replacement. Minor dimension changes can be seen in “Dimension Comparisons” section.


  • Increased sensing distances
    • from 3 to 4 mm (for the 872C-D(H)3*) from 20 to 25 mm (for the 872C-N(H)20*)
  • Extended ambient temperature range of -40...85*C (-40...185*F)
  • EMC immunity>=10V/m
  • Grater switching frequencies
  • Grater LED visibility on cable models
  • Laser marked sleeves providing more consistent quality and durability
  • White-bronze coated brass housing material for higher chemical resistance 
  • IP67 and IP68 (24 hour submersion at 1M)enclosure ratings) 
  • Redesigned end cap on cable models for improved LED visibility

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