Discover the Possibilities with the NEW VersaView 6300 Portfolio!

Check out the NEW VersaView 6300 Product Line!

VersaView 6300M Industrial MonitorsVersaView® 6300 is a complete portfolio of open architecture industrialPCs, thin clients and monitors. This broad and adaptable line offers theflexibility you need to meet your specific performance requirements.This product family is a solid match for customers that need a high-performance Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution for industrialenvironments. By integrating completely with our FactoryTalk® View SEand FactoryTalk View ME software, it allows for seamless assimilationwithin your facility.

  • VersaView 6300P Panel PC - IP66 environmental protection makes this excellent for washdown applications that industries, such as food processing and life sciences need.
  • VersaView 6300B Box PC - Apollo Lake Atom processors, make these ideal for HMI, IIoT gateway and data logging applications.
  • VersaView 6300M Industrial Monitors - Low Profile bezels on wide screen displays provide that ultra-modern look to visually set this equipment apart from the crowd. (Available November 2020)
  • VersaView 6300T Box Thin Clients - Can be used with ThinManager® software without a solid-state drive or operating system.
Plant floor environments are demanding. Add the durability and flexibility from VersaView 6300 to streamline your operations! To learn more about this new product, contact your local SMC branch today!

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