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For decades, the Midland Family has been the chosen manufacturer and supplier of fittings, valves, hose, and accessories to distributors across North America. Today's Midland Industries and our family of companies are committed to helping our customers experience simple, worry-free products and innovations that make doing business easier. 

Midland Industries is a family of brands recognizable industry wide. With our history of outstanding customer service and innovation, Midland is the perfect fit of customer-driven solutions, smart technology, and deep product selection - built on strong family values and traditions. When finding the perfect fit matters, count on Midland Industries to exceed expectations. 

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Stainless Steel Nipples and Fittings

High quality, standard pattern 150lb-rated stainless steel threaded fittings are manufactured to the highest standards. All stainless steel fittings are monitored by quality control personnel for strict compliance with applicable standards and specifications. 

Stainless steel nipples are manufactured from stainless pipe that conforms to specification ASTM 312-SA312. All stainless steel nipples conform to specification ASTM A733. Threads conform to the requirements of ANSI B1.20.1.


Brass Fittings

Brass fittings are popular due to their durability in industrial and residential applications. The use of brass to make various fittings provides a distinct look because of its yellow color. The advantages of brass for fittings includes its good corrosive resistance, as well as its plating, joining, polishing, and finishing characteristics. Brass as a material is easily machined and hence can given any shapes of the various types of fittings available. Our brass fittings are available in both leaded and lead-free brass. 

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Hydraulic Adapters

Hydraulic adapters are fittings that securely connect hydraulic hoses to pipe, tubing, or hoses that have different thread types or sizes. These adapters are used in hydraulic hose assemblies to convey fluids in petroleum and water-based hydraulic systems commonly found on industrial, mining, and manufacturing equipment. Midland offers a wide selection of high quality hydraulic adapters that are manufactured to the highest standards.

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Valves control fluid flow in hydraulic systems used in industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications. Valves are used to manipulate flow within a hydraulic circuit and are activated either mechanically or electronically. Ball, control, selector, and cartridge valves are used to regulate pressure and control fluid flow volume and direction. Common to all is the combination of outstanding reliability and cost efficiency which makes them the appropriate solution for almost any operational purpose.

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Midland hydraulic clamping products provide powered work holding solutions where greater clamping forces combined with fast, repeatable and reliable actuation are needed, such as those faced in the modern machine shop. We offer a variety of  hydraulic and work hold clamping components, power sources and accessories that are ideal for retrofitting or updating simple mechanical systems or more complex clamping and locating applications. These economical power sources offer an affordable way to get the power of a hydraulic system with the use of your shop air supply.