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Since its inception in 1938, Kennametal has understood precisely how to improve manufacturing performance and profitability — by introducing unparalleled products and services to reduce operating costs and lead times.

They provide the latest tooling systems, products, and superior services — all specifically engineered to enhance overall productivity, even in the most challenging metalworking applications. Rely on them to significantly boost your manufacturing competitiveness.

Kennametal Drill Bits

Drill Bits

Kennametal carries a series of drill bit options including combination tools, counterboring tools, solid carbide bits, and indexable bits to suit your application.

They own the entire process chain, from raw material, insert pressing, tool body design, brazing, sintering, grinding, coating, and so on, up to reconditioning. Kennametal is the only source in the metalworking industry from where you can get all types of hole finishing tooling, from reaming and fine boring to motion tooling, directly from one hand.

Kennametal End Mills

End Mills

Whether you are rounding an edge, cutting a keyway, or a multitude of other operations on your mill, Kennametal has the right end mills to keep your shop running smoothly. 

Their carbide end mills are created with innovative proprietary design features and are made on state-of-the art grinding equipment to provide you with the longest tool life and best finish. These end mills are applicable for a variety of operations, including dynamic milling and extreme ramping operations. 

Kennametal Taps


Kennametal solid carbide taps offer higher productivity and outstanding performance in a wider range of materials than formerly possible. Get more production from a single tool and superior accuracy of product thread that surpasses the competition.

Their taps are available in various specifications with enhanced precision and design, which translates into longer tool life, excellent performance, and exceptional wear resistance. 

Kennametal Indexable Drill Bodies

Indexable Drill Bodies

Kennametal indexable drill bodies feature a tool steel body and typically two inserts: a center insert that cuts the inside of the hole, and a periphery insert that cuts the outside hole diameter. Indexable drills offer high penetration rates and lower chip friction. These drill bodies are also available in larger diameters than solid drills. 

They offer DFR, DFT, DFSP, and HTS drill bodies to suit your application. These drills can be used to improve control of chip flow, chip breakage, chip evacuation, and chip curling.

Kennametal Indexable Boring Bars

Indexable Boring Bars, Cartridges, & Blades

Kennametal indexable boring bars are used by machinists who frequently change cut types or bore holes in different sizes in various workpieces. Indexable boring bars size, straighten, and finish the inside diameter of drilled or cast holes. 

Their vibration-free boring bars provide stability and rigidity when boring at extended overhangs up to 10 x D. Vibration-free boring bars are a plug-and-play solution designed to work out of the box with no manual adjusting required or possible. 

Kennametal Indexable End Mills & Face Mills

Indexable End Mills & Face Mills

Face mills are differentiated by their entry angle, which determines the depth of cut, the feed speed, and whether the face mill is suited for general purpose or specialized milling. Kennametal carries various different indexable end mills and face mills to suit your application.

Their inserts can be replaced with new ones of the same type or different types without removing the end mill from the machine. Indexable milling tools require fewer tool changes than solid tools in high-volume metalworking and fabrication applications with high speeds, high feeds, and difficult-to-machine materials. 

Kennametal Indexable Inserts

Indexable Inserts

Indexable milling inserts attach to compatible toolholders or tool bodies on milling machines to provide a cutting edge that removes material to shape and add features to workpieces in milling applications. The inserts can be rotated (indexed) to expose a fresh cutting edge when the old one dulls. 

Kennametal offers a complete range of indexable inserts for general turning operations. From roughing to finishing, they have the right insert for your application.

Kennametal Indexable Grooving Insert Holders

Indexable Grooving Insert Holders & Blades

Indexable parting and grooving tools are used with lathes or CNC turning machines to remove sections of a workpiece in parting or cut-off operations or add grooves to a workpiece. Indexable cut-off blades have a slim profile and use cutting inserts to make deep cuts or remove sections of material as the blades are fed into the side of rotating bar stock or workpieces. 

These tools from Kennametal are composed of an advanced PVD grade with hard AITiN coating and fine-grain unalloyed substrate. This new-and-improved coating improves edge stability with wide range speed and feed capabilities.

Kennametal Indexable Turning Insert Holders

Indexable Turning Insert Holders

Indexable turning insert holders have a shank that mounts to the machine and a cutting head that holds an indexable insert. They remain stationary as the machine rotates the workpiece against the insert. 

Kennametal turning insert holders can help improve productivity and profitability by up to 30%; take advantage of higher metal removal rates and gain longer tool life. These insert holders can be used at low-to-high-speeds, and can be applied across a wide range of applications.