Advantages of Industrial Automation with Robots

  • Aug 12, 2022, 09:57 AM

Robotics industrial automation is changing the face of production. Manufacturers around the globe are implementing some form of automation to become more efficient, safe, and ultimately to increase revenues. While some advantages are obvious, there may be more than you think. Add them all together and you can see why so many industries are investing in industrial robots. 

8 Advantages of Robotics Industrial Automation:

  1. Quality Control - No one likes purchasing an item, only to be disappointed by the poor quality. Robots are a great solution for higher quality production. Quality builds trust from customers, as well as pride, knowing that you are contributing something of value. 
  2. Repeatability - Being consistent and knowing that you will get the same quality end product is critical to efficiency. A robot is able to perform the exact same task, exactly the same way, over and over again. Less errors means less wasted time. 
  3. Waste Reduction - Consistent repeatability allows manufacturers to reduce overall waste. Less errors not only saves time, but it also reduces the amount of material required to produce the product. A couple of examples: robots can use less wire for welding, less amount of paint, and cut closer to the edge. 
  4. Faster Cycle Times - Unfortunately humans have their limitations. Robots have been known to greatly improve production cycle speeds. The more you can produce, the higher demand you can meet and ultimately bringing in more money. 
  5. Improved Workplace Safety - There are so many dangerous work environments that can have horrible side effects on a human body. Separating workers from lifting too much exposure to fumes and gases, close interaction with lasers or blades, can tremendously decrease the possibility of injury. 
  6. Reduction of Labor Costs - Labor can be expensive, especially when you factor in medical benefits, paid time off, injury comp time, etc... Robots can replace certain jobs, but that doesn't mean they are going to take over the world. It just means we need to adjust our focus. Understanding that robots are there for our own safety and efficiency allows us to remove workers from tough tedious jobs, to more fulfilling roles. 
  7. Reduced Floor Space - It's easy to start sprawling out across the shop floor with extra materials, tools, and machinery. Robots can help reduce the footprint of the required workspace by optimizing everything into a smaller, confined space.
  8. Integration with Business Systems - Nowadays, communication between multiple data platforms is rapidly growing, improving efficiency. You can see when there's a bottleneck a lot quicker with proper technology installed. Robots and machinery are talking with one another to give business leaders a better view on the overall picture, helping them make smarter decisions on how to improve their process. 

All of these advantages help companies remain competitive in a global economy. You may think that purchasing a robot is out of your budget or field of knowledge. But there are various options and support available to reduce initial costs and get you up and running in no time. Working with the right integrator, who has experience working with a variety of big and small manufacturing facilities, can help in the success of your business. 

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Article Source: RobotWorx