The Future of IP Camera Technology

  • Apr 24, 2018, 12:22 PM
The future of IP camera technology

Although the camera technology world hasn’t quite crossed over in the path of the IBM Watson arena we are seeing an incredible boom in regards to the use of creative algorithms which mimic user-defined rules and learning.  Recently various companies such as ACTi and Intuvision to name a few have developed platforms that are increasing the use and deployment that turn the common IP camera into more than a catch-the-bad-guy device and more into a learning and reaction based gathering device.

Data can now be extracted from the camera's view to inform the plant manager if forklift traffic is flowing in an efficient manner thereby allowing for routes to be planned that can save thousands of dollars in forklift fuel.  Likewise, cameras can be used to gather real-time traffic flow in cities that can help determine dwell time at stop lights and slow and fast moving traffic patterns.  Recently the latest tech has been successful in determining the actual gender and mood of a person entering the area of the camera's view.  This is interesting in the retail and commercial verticals as market managers need to have the ability to tell if more females or males are visiting their retail displays and if their mood is determined to be happy, sad or irritated.

As this technology begins to proliferate and more use cases are available we will be able to see and high return on investment as each IP camera begins to tell an educated story about the world it sees and the data it collects in order to better illustrate the on-demand adjustments that need to increase profitability in the retail, industrial and commercial workspace.

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