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Installed Base Evaluations

Actionable Intelligence and Analysis

An SMC Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) is much more than simply counting parts. It's a thorough analysis of your critical plant assets and their condition. This service provides the knowledge needed to help you make data-driven decisions regarding the support and obsolescence management of your installed base assets. With an IBE, we can help you better understand and pinpoint your life-cycle risk by site, area, line, machine and panel. By optimizing your Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO), we'll help ensure you have the right parts, in the right place at the right time.

What makes our Installed Base Evaluation Different?

Our comprehensive tool collects both Rockwell Automation and non-Rockwell Automation products and creates a plant hierarchy model for your facility, with terminology and plant descriptions that are meaningful to you. Providing valuable insight to your facility, you can update equipment, replace parts or add a new line knowing exactly what will be affected in your installed base and its impact on your spare parts management.

Your Final Analysis Includes:

  • Easy-to-read reports, with red, yellow and green coding indicating the life-cycle status of all parts.
  • Identification of critical spares, including excess, insufficient, and inactive spares.
  • Enterprise, software and custom reporting available upon request.

Life-cycle Analysis

  • Summary by plant
  • Risk by line, machine
  • Risk by catalog number

Plant Analysis

  • Detailed reports by plant, area, department, line, machine, panel and catalog number.
  • Environmental condition reporting.


  • Summary of spares analysis
  • Recommendation of stocking levels based on MTBF and plant operating hours.
  • Detailed report including active, excess and inactive spares.

SMC is an Authorized Rockwell Distributor and Service Provider.

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