Lighting/LED Upgrade Assessment ServicesLighting/LED Upgrade Assessment Services

Are you looking to reduce operating expenses for your office buildings, warehouse, commercial or manufacturing facility? Is your maintenance team spending much of its time changing out light bulbs and paying high priced recycling bills? Is your company adopting a LEED Certification Program that you need support to complete?

Studies show that lighting represents up to 30% of a typical building’s energy use. An energy efficient lighting upgrade can represent one of the best ways for a building owner or manager to reduce costs.

Let SMC Lighting Specialists help you to get the process started by providing a Lighting/LED Upgrade Assessment for both indoor and outdoor lighting. SMC Specialists will incorporate maintenance costs, reduced cooling requirements, energy cost escalators, our knowledge of local utility rebates and a host of other variables to assess your maintenance and energy costs and provide you with a true return on investment analysis you need to get your project approved.

SMC will complete the assessment and provide you with a detailed cost benefit of today’s LED technology. Advanced financial calculations and integrated maintenance savings ensure you see a solution that saves money and delivers the fastest return on investment.

SMC offers cutting-edge solid-state LED technology for all your lighting needs, and offers a broad range of lighting products, services and solutions for your energy efficiency needs and can help reduce energy costs in your facility.

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