Connected Enterprise/Network Reliability ServicesConnected Enterprise/Network Reliability Services

Take Performance to a New Level and Get Ahead of Downtime Issues on the Manufacturing Floor

Getting the most from your assets is no small task. You need to contend with a diverse mix of equipment, an abundance of data, the risk of obsolescence, and more. An effective network management strategy can boost your bottom line.

Our assessments, migration services and performance monitoring can help you get the most from your assets and identify issues before they materialize into downtime events.

Demanding market conditions pose significant challenges. Across the enterprise and throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, you must continuously strive for ways to leverage your existing automation investment. Our Network Management Services can help you:

  • Improve Productivity with better asset utilization and system performance
  • Promote Innovation with easy access to actionable, plant-wide information
  • Support Sustainability with extended product lifecycles and risk mitigation

Let SMC help you determine your options and show you the benefits, including better performance, data driven business decisions, reduce maintenance costs and quicker response to changing market demands.

Network Reliability Services

  • Network Assessments
  • Network Migration
  • Remote Diagnostics and Monitoring

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