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Frequently asked questions and answers below. 

If you need additional assistance, please visit the Contact page and submit and inquiry.

Website Search

SMC's website has two search features.  


Over 25,000 and growing electrical, data comm, security and industrial products available.


Manuals, MSDS sheets, product diagrams and descriptions available on many products. We continually add information when available.


Search throughout the site for brands, services, training and news. 

SMC Business Forms

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E-Store Help Topics

What is the SMC E-Store or E-Commerce site?

SMC continues to strive to improve customer service and provide technology for our customers. We are committed to easy and effective online purchasing that will enhance customer interaction and knowledge. The SMC E-Store features over 25,000 and growing electrical, automation, data comm, industrial, pnuematic, safety and security products. You will find product manuals, MSDS sheets, product diagrams and descriptions on many of the items in the database. We continually add information when available.


How to use SMC E-Store?

  • Easily browse the product database by entering item number or description in the search bar
  • SHOP link in the title bar
  • See Search Tips Here

Do I need to register for an Online Account?

No. Registration is not necessary to browse the site.


Why register for an Online Account?

Creating an Online Account grants you access to promotions SMC offers and allows for quick purchases in the future.


How to register for an Online Account?

Registration is quick and easy on the Login Page – simply complete the required fields and click Create Online Account.


Wholesale Online Accounts

If you would like to link your Online Account to your wholesale business account, complete the Request Wholesale Account form. Our account representative will review and notify you once your account becomes available. Your online orders will invoice and link to your regular wholesale account.


How can I pay for my goods?

Currently you have two options:

1. Pay by credit card. At the CHECKOUT page, you will complete the information for Contact, Address, Order and Credit Card payment.

SMC accepts all major credit cards including American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

2. Pay by invoice. Once your Online Account has linked to your Wholesale Account, you can indicate invoice at the CHECKOUT page. See Wholesale Online Accounts to set up access.

SMC places the most importance on security and you can verify the site at….


E-Store Search Tips

Utilize the search feature in the E-Store by use of the following:

  • Keyword 
  • Manufacturer
  • Category
  • Part Number

For best results start your search with fewer words. Consider these tips:

  • The Keyword search, when using description keywords performs an internet style search where a large number of items may result.  You will find the best results with part numbers.
    Use one or several words.
  • Partial words are accepted 
  • SMC or manufacture part number
  • Full or Partial numbers
  • The search looks anywhere in the part number for the keyword 
  • The search results will be strictly limited to products matching the keyword 
  • This search is fast and efficient and should be used where possible

Website Browsers

Different website browsers will show the SMC E-Store with slight differences. Most will work successfully, however we recommend using Chrome.