VIVOTEK FD8182-F1-W C Series Dome Network Camera, Fixed Focal Lens, 5 MP Pixels, H.264/MJPEG Video Outputs, White Housing, Indoor Indoor/Outdoor

VIVOTEK FD8182 is a series of economical professional indoor fixed dome network cameras in VIVOTEK 5MP Lite series. Designed to provide higher resolution and sharper image quality, the FD8182 series offer up to 15 fps at 5-MP or 30 fps at 1080p resolution. With powerful 3D Noise Reduction technology and Smart Stream technology, the FD8182 series can also optimize resolution for a desired object or area to maximize efficiency of bandwidth usage. Increasing its flexibility, VIVOTEK FD8182 series has options for both fixed focus lenses and remote focus lenses with built-in stepping motors and P-Iris'. The FD8182 series also has a built-in PIR (passive infrared) sensor to help detect unexpected events and provide real time alerts. With the highly flexible VADP (VIVOTEK Application Development Platform), users can extend the features of this series by adding third-party applications on to the FD8182-F1, FD8182-F2 and the FD8182-T. The new FD8182-F1, with its f1.96mm lens, is also capable of seeing up to 137 deg horizontal and 101 deg vertical FOV, enabling it to cover wide areas in high detail. Thus, the FD8182 series is ideal for a wide variety of unique indoor applications including retail, education and hospital vertical markets.


Product Overview