SMC® TIUB07BU-153-X101US Tubing, 0.17 in ID x 1/4 in OD x 500 ft L, Polyurethane, Import

SMC® series of polyurethane tubing is manufactured from polyether resin, insuring the longest possible tube life due to its immunity to hydrolysis. series TIUB inch size tubing is available in 8 "quick ship" colors, in standard stocked lengths of 66, 100, 500, 1000 and 1640 ft. There are 21 additional standard colors to suit special needs. SMC® primary line of polyurethane tubing is ether based, made from the highest quality compound available, to ensure the longest tubing life. The ester based TUH series is the exception. This product line was developed to take advantage of the greater strength offered by this compound.


Product Overview