SMC® NCDGBN32-0800 Round Single Rod Standard Air Cylinder With Auto Switch, 32 mm Cylinder Bore, 8 in Stroke Length, Double Acting Cylinder Action, Basic Mounting

Standard NCG double acting single rod version of the NCG series The NCG series is an extremely durable, repairable round body cylinder that provides precision mounting, short overall length, lightweight and high speed. Rubber bumpers are standard with an option for adjustable air cushion. Nine mounting styles are available for cylinder mounting flexibility. Bore sizes for the NCG range from 3/4 in (20 mm) to 2-1/2 in (63 mm). Standard available stroke lengths from 1 to 12 in but with the ability for long strokes. The NCG series is auto switch capable. The NCG is capable of speeds up to 40 in/s. The NCG series is available in 11 standard options to help fit into many different applications.


Product Overview