SMC® ISE80H-F02-V 1-Screen Digital High Pressure Sensor With Analog Output, -0.1 to 2 MPa Pressure, 12 to 24 VDC, 45 mA, +/-0.2% Full Scale, +/-1 Digit Accuracy, 2-Digital Output

ISE80(H) is a digital pressure sensor with a 4 digit, 2 color display, compatible with both compressed air and non-corrosive liquids. Instantaneous readings are shown in red or green or shifted from one to the other to alert reaching a target condition. Switch outputs are also indicated on the display. Additional functions include security, power saving, resolution and stability. Optional 1 or 2 MPa pressure ranges. Piping directions can be rear or bottom, with VCR® and Swagelok® fittings available. ISE80(H) is UL/CSA, CE and RoHS compliant, with an IP65 enclosure rating. The ISE80(H) legacy pressure sensor has been updated. Please consider the new ISE20C. Improved features include a new 3 screen, 3 color display and 2 switch outputs plus analog output.


Product Overview