SMC® AW20-N01E2-Z-B AW-B Modular Filter Regulator, 1/8 in NPT, 1 MPa Pressure

SMC® series AW-B is a combination filter/regulator, minimizing space and piping by integrating two units into one. The AW-B series has a maximum set pressure of 125 psi and offers embedded gauge and pressure switch options not found in the AW-A while maintaining panel mounting interchangeability with the previous AW models. Bowls on the size 30 and up are covered with a transparent bowl guard, completely protecting them from the environment and making the interior contents visible from 360 deg. This series is part of the family of SMC® modular air preparation units and can be combined with other similar sized product. The new AW-B is available in four body sizes with piping from 1/8 to 1 in Rc, NPT and G thread types.


Product Overview