SKU: AB837A5JX506

Allen-Bradley 837-A5JX506 A-Style Electro Mechanical Temperature Control Switch

Bulletin 836 pressure controls are designed for general industrial use to control and detect pressure. Allen-Bradley Bulletin 836 pressure controls can be used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. pressure controls use copper alloy or stainless steel bellows. The design and high quality components provide long life operation with air, water, oil, noncorrosive liquids, vapors, gases and some corrosive liquids and gases. pressure controls feature snap action precision switches equipped with silver contacts. The straight in-line and relatively friction-free construction provides accurate and consistent operation regardless of the angle at which the controls are mounted. pressure controls are designed for easy adjustment of both trip and reset pressures. Allen-Bradley Bulletin 836 pressure controls are used in many types of industries and applications. They can be used to control pneumatic systems, maintaining preset pressures between two values. pressure controls can be used to detect overpressures of gases or liquids to help protect machines, processes and personnel. They can also be used to detect low pressures to help protect equipment from loss of coolants and lubrication. Bulletin 836 pressure Controls are offered in various styles to meet a wide range of applications. The devices are available in type 1, 4, 13, 4X, 7, 9 and 4 and 13 combined and open type without enclosure for panel mounting. pressure controls have a wide variety of contact modifications to meet most control circuit requirements. The controls have adjustable pressure ranges from 30 in. Hg vacuum 900 psi with corresponding differentials. Accessories and modifications are available to tailor the device to meet most application requirements.


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