Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440G-LZS21STLH Auxiliary Door Proximity Guard Standard Solenoid Locking Switch, Standard RFID Actuator, 0.2 A at 24 VDC Contact, 2PNP-1PNP Contact Configuration

The Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® 440G-LZ from Rockwell automation is a guard locking switch designed for partial body access guards. Combining microprocessor technology with an RFID coded actuator, the 440G-LZ features a locking bolt drive mechanism that will only lock when the correct actuator is detected. The locking bolt is continuously monitored for correct insertion within the actuator. This extra functionality allows the 440G-LZ to be certified ple, Cat 4 , SIL 3 the highest level of safety for guard position and lock monitoring and it can be connected directly or in Series with other ple, Cat 4 or SIL 3 rated safety devices.


Product Overview