Allen-Bradley 1585D-E4UBJM-5 High Flexible Halogen Free Standard Ethernet Media Cable, 4 Conductors, Foil Braid Shielded Conductor, 26 AWG Conductor, 5 m L

Allen-Bradley has developed the first-of-its-kind 600 V EtherNet cable. Designed for high voltage applications, this patented Rockwell Automation cable is a powerful step-up from the standard 300 V EtherNet cable. The construction of this 600 V cable is unique due to the application and the targeted application space. It was developed based on the need to allocate data communications cabling with and in areas where there is high voltage cabling. high voltage cabling such as drives and drive power tend to produce high EMI that could have a negative impact on communications such as EtherNet. And with communications closely integrated with drives and other high voltage connected devices, it is extremely difficult and costly to mix data communications in the same space.


Product Overview