AIPHONE® JF-2HD Hands-Free Video Sub Master Station, 18 VDC, Desk/Surface Mount

The JF-2HD is the sub monitor for the JF series video entry security system. The JF system will support 2 video doors stations and 3 inside color stations (1 master station and 2 sub master stations). The JF series has a built in picture memory feature that is set to record automatically when the visitor calls or the record can be done manually by the user. Up to 50 images can be recorded at a rate of 1 frame per second and 8 frames per image (400 total frames). Up to 10 images (80 frames) can be saved and protected from automatic overwriting. The recording is done on the JF-2MED master station but play back can be done from either the JF-2MED master station or the JF-2HD sub master station. An outgoing message can be pre-recorded at the JF-2MED master to be sent to the door station for instances when you can't or don't want to use your voice to answer a visitor. Up to two pre-recorded messages can be saved. These can be played after identifying a visitor and must be manually selected by the user. This is not an automatic message sent when the visitor calls.


Product Overview