SKU: MMM842818

3M™ 054007-34461 8420 Cold Shrink Insulator, 0.949 in Dia Min, 1.937 in Dia Max, 18 in L, 1400 psi Tensile Strength, EPDM Rubber

3M™ Cold Shrink Connector Insulators 8420 and 8430 series are designed using 3M's proprietary cold shrink delivery system. Products are supplied prestretched on a removable core for efficiency and ease of installation. Removal of the core (unwinding) after positioning the splice allows the product to shrink into position forming a moisture-tight seal. The live memory action of the specially formulated EPDM material promotes a permanent, durable environmental seal and insulation, with a typical operating temperature range from -40 to 194 deg F (-40 to 90 deg C).


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