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Springfield, Missouri 65806
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Date & Time
Thu, Aug 03 - Fri, Aug 04
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
About this event

This is a two-day course designed for individuals who are for responsible maintaining and troubleshooting a PowerFlex 750-Series drive. This is a skillbuilding course that introduces concepts and techniques that will assist you in successfully maintaining and troubleshooting a PowerFlex 750-Series drive. You will learn how to recognize PowerFlex 750-Series drive hardware and properly wire the drive, as well as learn to diagnose specific faults. After the demonstration, you’ll be given exercises that offer extensive hands-on practice using a PowerFlex 753 or PowerFlex 755 drive.

Please register before July 6, 2023.

To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required: - Working knowledge of electricity, and knowledge of electrical and industrial safety | Completion of the AC/DC Motors and Drives Fundamentals course (CCA101) or Fundamentals of AC and DC Motors and Drives Web-based training
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Guest Speaker
Rockwell Automation
SMC Coordinators
Tyler Perry
tperry@smcelectric.com | 417.865.2825
Course Agenda
  • Day 1
    • Locating PowerFlex 750-Series Drive Hardware
    • Locating and Modifying PowerFlex 750-Series Drive Data Using the A6 HIM
    • Locating and Modifying PowerFlex 750-Series Drive Data Using Drive Software
    • Clearing PowerFlex 750-Series Drive Alarms and Faults
  • Day 2
    • Performing Predictive Maintenance Using PowerFlex 750-Series Parameters
    • Troubleshooting PowerFlex 750-Series Load and Environmental Faults
    • Troubleshooting PowerFlex 750-Series Equipment Malfunctions
    • Integrated Practice: Maintaining and Troubleshooting a PowerFlex 750-Series Drive

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