Brākleen® Brake Parts Cleaner

Brakleen2CRC Brākleen®  is specially formulated to remove brake fluid, grease, oil, and other contaminants fast and effectively. Safe to use on all brake related parts including rotors, cylinders, drums, linings, brake shoes, calipers, clutch discs, and disc brake pads. Safe for ABS, disc, and drum brakes. 

Use Brākleen 05050 and 05054 where compliance calls for a Low VOC, chlorine-free product. 

PowerJet™ Technology

CRC Brākleen utilizes PowerJet™ technology. This new spray nozzle produces a burst of product that forcefully breaks away contaminants, while the formula cleans and degreases instantly. The strength behind the PowerJet™ spray nozzle means faster work, requiring less product per job. The ergonomically-designed PowerJet™ spray nozzle is easier to press, giving the user a quick, precise shot of product where needed. 

How do you know which CRC Brākleen is right for your business?

If your facility doesn't restrict chlorinated solvents, choose RED CRC Brākleen - the strongest Brākleen formula and the #1 choice of professionals since 1971. 

If your facility mandates chlorine-free products throughout the shop, choose GREEN CRC Brakleen Non-Chlorinated. 


Shop the link below to begin using CRC Brākleen in your facilities. 



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