VeriShield™ 100 Series Passive Earmuffs

NL-2203-VeriShieldPotentially harmful levels of industrial noise can arise for hundreds of different reasons in a thousand different working environments. From indoors in a factory to outdoors working with machinery, from the tools being operated to the processes taking place, all can be sources of noise and all require workers to have effective protection. The range of options offered by the VeriShield™ 100 Series ensures comfort and protection against any noise level, in every industry, for every worker. 

Who Should Use Them?

Honeywell makes hearing conservation personal. VeriShield™ earmuffs may be chosen as a hearing protection option by a variety of different workers, for a variety of different reasons:

  • They are suitable for environments with noise levels ranging from low to high
  • They are ideal for wearing with other PPE which may be required in particular environments 
  • They offer a choice of styles and attenuation (NRR) levels make it easy to find suitable earmuffs for an appropriate level of protection and comfort
  • Unlike earplugs, VeriShield™ earmuffs

                   - are easier to fit
                   - are suitable for wearers with sensitive ear canals
                   - are suitable for wearing with hearing aids
                   - help to keep ears warm 


VeriShield™ VS100D* models feature SMT that improves employee safety by blocking harmful noise while allowing voice and signals heard more naturally. This advancement allows speech frequencies (articulation index) to be heard with less distortion - reducing worker isolation and overprotection on the job. 
* D is for Dielectric. The dielectric construction is suitable for all workplaces, especially electrical environments. 


All VS100 models feature Honeywell's Air Flow Control technology which offer maximum attenuation without increasing the size or weight of the earmuffs or the pressure on the head. 

The unique combination of the baseplate chamber and high-tech non-woven layer manage the flow of air inside the earmuff to control how sound reaches the ear. The result is better, more consistent overall attenuation for virtually all industrial noise environments. 

VeriShield™ VS100 Series Features:

  • Large dimension range - comfortably fits a wide range of head sizes
  • Wide cup opening - ideal for workers with larger ears, or who wear hearing aids. Opening area of the cup increased by 16% over earlier versions
  • Dielectric headband - durable, non-deforming plastic headband, head attachments for electrical environments
  • Lightweight cushioned headband - steel-wire construction with padded headband and precision micro adjustments designed for just the right fit around the ear
  • Memory foam ear cushions - new unique memory foam that combines denser and softer foam than previous models, for greater comfort and attenuation. Reduces squeezing pressure on the head and enhances comfort
  • Durable construction - an oil-resistant cup surface to withstand oily, heavy-work environments and frequent cleaning. ABS molded with internal baffle design for lighter weight, patent pending
  • Designed for use with other PPE - offers a variety of head attach options for easy PPE integration: behind the neck, multi-position, and hardhat attachments that integrate with Honeywell hard hats and face shields 

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